//Violence Against Women: Are We Declining the Calls to Action?

At the dawn of 2015 we would expect that certain stereotypes and certain forms of discrimination were just water under the bridge, instead, while reading newspapers and surfing the net you realize that they are still today, a huge issue.

For our culture, it would be difficult to accept an arranged marriage between a girl and a man older than her but in some countries this is tolerated.

Most of the girls between 15 and 19 years globally think it is justifiable to be beaten by your husband or partner in certain circumstances, like a burnt dinner.

Few cases that have filled the pages of newspapers and not only are to be mentioned;

How to forget a story that has had great resonance in the media concerning the murder by hanging of 26 year old Reyhaneh Jabbari, for killing an agent of the secret services as he tried to rape her. The victim’s family would forgive her and saved from the gallows, but the son of man would want her to withdraw the allegations which he never rightly. The UN believes that the process has been uneven because the girl killed in self-defense.

There have been calls to action all over the world to save her, but nothing worked.

But we must not only look at the rest of the world, even in nations like Italy we see incidents of gender-based violence that result in acts detrimental to the woman, for example the true story that concerns Lucia Annibali lawyer of Parma which was scarred in April of 2013 with the acid in the face of two people associated from his former partner. Lucia has never given up and indeed continues her life by participating in meetings and interacting with other people who are victims of the same violence comforting them and helping them.

Last reference, but not least in importance for the video broadcast on many sites and social network recently that portrays a girl, dressed in a normal way ie jeans and t-shirt, which is walking through New York harassed over and over again with sentences, looks and also with approaches from men on the street.

Others made similar concerns an Egyptian girl on a walk in downtown Cairo.

More than a world as modern as we think, we are in a world that is receding more and more. The problem is at the root of many communities where this happens, they tend too much to see the daughter as generally lower than the male child just because it’s a girl, always bound to household chores and abused that the same competent authorities tend to hide.

Why you would say women do not report, do not rebel? This is not always easy and often does not produce the desired results, in Italy for example, many women had denounced acts of stalking by former partner but their complaints fell on deaf ears and even led to the death of the same.

The concepts of femicide and femicide are born with the intent to assign a name to the episodes of violence and killings against women. The first project on such problems has been implemented in Mexico by the Special Parliamentary Commission on femicide. A cornerstone of this project is the sentence of “Campo Algodonero” issued by the Inter-American Court in 2009. The Court ruled that the responsible for the deaths of three women from different social classes, it was the Mexican State. Found guilty because the women had already denounced violence in the home and is also guilty of a breach of the rights to life and to have them discriminated against just because women. Despite the ruling that had a huge impact on the public today Mexico is one of the states where there is an increased rate of death at the hands of criminals and rapists just think that within a year and a half 58 thousand women have been raped but only 7 % of them have made a profit from the complaint.

It is certain that not only states can do something but we in our small we have to start moving, rebel against both men and women because a country can not be said to be free and democratic if it does not respect its citizens regardless of gender.

We should not teach women to defend themselves from rape or violence but we have to “inculcate” in people the moral rule of not rape and not rape a woman, not a physical level but also with glances and phrases.

It is not by teaching women to defend themselves from rape that our society progresses, but by teaching men not to do it that things will change.

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