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Equality Now is an activist group with the aim of defending the rights of women around the world. It recently made ​​a list indicating the countries where there are still strong law discriminated against the female gender.

Equality Now’s campaign is accompanied by a movement to raise awareness on social networks using the hashtag #UnSexyLaws. The group is committed to go against those who are “laws based solely on sex.”

In recent decades, unfortunately, less and less has been done to promote full equality between the sexes.

The same group has called on the countries themselves present the list and as many forty governments to take more decisive measures towards the protection of women victims more and more of stereotypes and abuse.

In the “black list” of countries have assets in their legislation laws against women there have also been so that defined “unexpected”, namely Britain that does not allow women of his nation to join the Royal Marines.

Jacqui Hunt director of Equality Now in London he said that “Justice is the cornerstone of equality and without of this, women will always be politically disadvantaged economically and socially. Governments need to be aware that women are having more and more space in the living world, and this should lead all to make further progress for the full recognition of their rights.

Some examples of discriminatory laws very present even in the world:

●      In Russia, women can not drive heavy vehicles, such as trucks or trains. Nor carry out tasks such as carpenter and fireman.

●      Behind the beauty of the Bahamas lies a terrible law, the husband is allowed to rape his wife, then rape is not punishable by law if the two people is the bond of marriage. Only small consolation because this does not happen is that the “wife” is smaller than 14 years.

●      Singapore, India and Palestine following the same “policy”, these notes are the countries which recorded the maximum number of violence against wives .

●      In Palestine also the law says that only men can decide whether to divorce or not, and in Pakistan in front of a judge the woman’s testimony is worth less than that of a man.

●      In Nigeria domestic violence are allowed to say it is their Penal Code, which must also be considered normal because inflicted by her husband.

●      Even in the beautiful island of Malta, a destination for many European tourists, rape is allowed and the perpetrator must then marry his victim with or without his consent.

●      And end up in Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive and Madagascar women can not work at night.

This is only a “small” list of discriminatory laws still present in the world in many countries, but we are sure that in our small communities, within each family, and outside seem very normal not clear of other? And most importantly the list ends here really?

Credits: http://www.huffingtonpost.it/2015/02/25/unsexylaws-equality-now-leggi-contro-donne_n_6751094.html

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