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Our Team

As we are currently looking for investment, please consider that the team listed below is not fully employed by LetEmbrace. Everyone is collaborating as a volunteer at the moment.

Maria Beatrice Giovanardi
Founder & CEO
Italian born, US educated, she wakes up everyday eager to improve herself in order to be a part of the society and generation that will make the greatest sustainable impact on her beloved universe!
Maria Margherita Giovanardi
Finance expert who lived and studied in Asia, Italy and US. 5+ years in KMPG, especially in audit and transaction management. She speaks 5 languages fluently.
Maria Ludovica Giovanardi
Social innovation expert with 5+ years of experience and accountant. Worked with the Italian Government on social impact projects and currently a member of statutory auditors’ board in major public companies.
Fabio Fantuzzi
Investor, Power Broker
Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience. Technical consultant for governmental projects in Colombia, Italy, Iraq, Senegal, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, etc. within environmental, energy, development and investment sectors.
Manal Lamine
Software Technical Lead
Full stack developer from Tunisia, deeply passionate about human rights. She helped being born many projects. Moreover, she is a winner of Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2011 Tunisia NY and also a Star of Science (as seen on TV!)
On TV!
Niaz Ahmed
Community Developer Advisor
Niaz has 10+ years of experience community mobilization. He is responsible for coordination in the development of, and keeping updated an effective development and relationship systems of projects and programs.
Silvia Fiorino
Web Strategist
Digital strategist and SEO specialist with 5+ years of experience. She helps companies to build their reputation and a strong online presence with a targeted strategy and the right tools.
Samer Gaber
Graphic Designer
Graphic designer from Italy with 10 years of experience. Startup founder (@Gigfound). He likes to help people transform their ideas in illustrations, giving real value to their products. Check out his works on LinkedIn
Federica Marconi Fornari
Communication Expert
Ambitious and energetic young professional with strong values who surrounds herself with open-minded people from different countries to learn from them. Her desire is to continuously grow!
Federica Ferri
Content Researcher, Blogger
Italian human rights enthusiast, academic, and activist working in Rome within the international relations' field. She loves in particular to fight for a world in which violence against women doesn't exist!
Tim Wu
Web Developer
Young and talented developer from Hong Kong ( yet raised in United Kingdom) studying software engineering at Imperial College. He has lots of passion for innovation, startups and, FinTech in particular.