//International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: we celebrate with no fear

“ISIS has disturbed our entitlement to security. We should direct how we feel to end all violence to give us a chance to keep our freedom”

“People have woken up to the fact that violence is a global problem and we need a collective, individual and proactive approach to end it,” argues Maria Beatrice Giovanardi, CEO of LetEmbrace.


We feel fearful and vulnerable to the threat of terror following the deplorable violent events the world saw in November 2015 ― Paris, Beirut, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan Israel/Palestine, Russia name a few targets that have fallen into extremists hands.

The fear of human rights violation has rippled throughout Europe and we have come to feel personally targeted. Global terrorists seek to intensify these feelings as we sense the loss of freedom, social security, self-sufficiency and safety.

Yet broader violent and oppressive regimes continually threaten individuals each and every day. We have become impassioned to the threat of terrorism presenting a solution to end all actions that violate human rights and threaten international peace and security.

We are stronger when we are informed, united in this fear and collective understanding, which enables us to realign societal outlook on violence. If we stand together we can overcome any violation to our shared idea on human rights.

It is time for the world to wake up and take note that violent acts happen all the time and all over the world.

Any form of violence is a grave violation of human rights. Click To Tweet How we feel towards recent violent events should highlight that not enough is done to prevent the same violence towards women. Violence against women is far reaching, widespread and often unpunished – domestic abuse, rape, used as weapons of war, these are just some of the ways women’s human rights are abused.

The United Nations has marked the 25thNovember as an International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This year specifically, it is focusing on the prevention and consequence of discrimination against women. In light of recent threats to our personal and social security, perhaps the world will truly empathize with the crucial need to end violence against women and girls.  

To achieve this vision, communities need to mobilize to change social norms and attitudes through comprehensive school interventions targeting staff and pupils, economic empowerment and income supplements coupled with gender equality training.

LetEmbrace: The company, taking to heart the issue of safety for individuals worldwide, vows to improve social security through uniting and educating communities and improved (information technology) communications on security data. François-Henri Pinault, Chairman of the Kering Foundation, says:

“Without the efforts and the mobilisation of everyone, this violence will never stop”.

LetEmbrace stands for empowerment through community mobilization giving individuals tools for action that can activate the change. At this time, people have willingness to be part of the solution but feel powerless to make a change – LetEmbrace offer tools to help the world make a structural change.

“At LetEmbrace, we have been looking specifically at violence against women across global communities in the hope of tackling widespread violence that is plaguing children, families and societies across continents,”

says Maria Beatrice Giovanardi, CEO and founder of the company.

LetEmbrace is a social movement that seeks to make societies more conscientious and proactive in protecting all individuals with its first and strongest product, an app that provides an interactive space for users to come together and have a voice on safety. It intends to build a community database where information is accessible to everyone on threat levels.

Technological advancements have provided access to almost any information at our fingertips and with technology and personal activity we have found a solution to ending violence and any threat to our social security. U.S president, Barack Obama, has recognised the power of technology referring to ISIS as, “a bunch of killers with good social media skills.’’ Social media has been an essential platform for ISIS to spread and mobilize evil, so we can fight back using this same technology and mobilise peace and safety for all.

LetEmbrace is working to ensure we do not repeat the past, presenting itself as a solution to a future free of violence. The company has been mapping the war zone and ISIS controlled areas and sharing this knowledge on dangerous zones.  

“We have a global programme of brand ambassadors who act locally within their cities (currently present in over 30 cities) topromote safety and increase geographical data on security,” explains Maria.

“LetEmbrace is a partner in the action and will follow through the technological ever changing revolution with up-to-date and upbeat solutions. We will shape with history and the communities’ needs.”

“The future is in our hands, and we aim to be proactive and take action to make safety a global necessity.”

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