Violence Against Women: Are We Declining the Calls to Action?

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At the dawn of 2015 we would expect that certain stereotypes and certain forms of discrimination were just water under the bridge, instead, while reading newspapers and surfing the net you realize that they are still today, a huge issue. For our culture, it would be difficult to accept an arranged marriage between a girl [...]

About Gender Discrimination

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Equality Now is an activist group with the aim of defending the rights of women around the world. It recently made ​​a list indicating the countries where there are still strong law discriminated against the female gender. Equality Now's campaign is accompanied by a movement to raise awareness on social networks using the hashtag #UnSexyLaws. [...]

The Gulabi Gang: a Strong Lesson from India.

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Sampat Pal Devi is the name of the founder of the Women's Movement Women from Sari Rose, literally translated Gulabi Gang. The movement that was born in 2006 with the aim to protect women by abusive husbands but also by their fathers and brothers and to fight increasingly rampant gender-based violence that occurs in India [...]